When you think about building a home what comes to mind? You may think of a new sub-division with 200 homes popping up overnight. Each home looking nearly identical with the same colored pallets, same style sidings, same garage doors, same windows, same flooring. Same, same, same...you get the idea. This model of home building has become the norm for most builders in our day. Have you ever wondered why it's like this?

Put simply it's the most cost effective and profit inducing way for builders to sell and develop the extensive spread of land they have purchased. Builders aim to make the most money at the lowest cost and time commitment. Their vision is literally all about 'ROI' Return On Investment. Now there is nothing inherently wrong with this business model, however, it can leave the new home owner with the feeling they are trapped in a scene from the movie Edward Scissorhands or the Stepford Wives. Everything is cookie cut and all at a set cost.

On the other hand if you are the person who likes fun, enjoys a creative challenge, and desires to leave your unique fingerprint on planet earth, having your home cookie cut will leave you dissatisfied. We believe and are convinced that building your home should be a guided adventure. It's like taking a river rafting trip with a qualified guide~its fun, breath-taking and you arrive to your destination safely. Better yet, compare it to a deep sea fishing trip on a beautiful 65 foot sports fishing boat lead by a proven captain that hooks a 775 pound marlin every trip out. Getting a custom built home should leave you with these same exhilarating feelings. It should be exciting and fulfilling. JH Design+Build will do just that. You will be lead by our Build+Design team of professionals who will help you every step of the way. You should not feel limited by the finishes or the number of bedrooms and bathrooms available for your home. The sky is the limit (or your budget). In 2019 Design+Build makes the most sense for a large percentage of homeowners who desire a home that reflects their lifestyle and personality.


There are several benefits to this method of construction and renovation. Here are the top reasons why the Design+Build delivery method works:


1. Teamwork:

Dreaming and planning with the right team makes all the difference in the world. 

Design+Build team works to actualize your vision for your new  home from beginning to end. 

Together we set and reach goals. As hurdles pop up JH Design+Build will help you establish a 

creative plan to address and over come these obstacles along the way. 


2.  One Company vs. Numerous 

JH Design+Build  is accountable for the project from beginning to end. When the same 

company that designs the project builds the project, individual attention can be given to 

pricing and scheduling for each building phase. The costs of the project is taken into account 

early in the process. Fees, construction, utilities, landscaping allowances, and all costs are 

considered. In short, the contracting  and designing company can not point fingers at each 

other for overruns in time or money. One company is held accountable for the whole process. 

 This helps avoid  company conflicts for overdrafts of the budget. Design-build focuses on 

results, not excuses. One company can not blame another company for failing to achieve the 

home owners goal at the agreed upon budget. 


3. Less Stressful

Another benefit of going with Design+Build is the low level of stress. Without quality “guides” 

any construction project can easily spiral into a stressful experience. The Design-Builder acts 

as a trusted advisor to you throughout the construction process, guiding the way to the best 

possible outcome. Design-build distills the entire process. Converting a traditionally stressful 

project into a peaceful and manageable process. 


 4. You Call The Shots: 

With Design+Build, you set the goals and maintain control over the project. Our team is here to 

undergird and provide creative input for you from start to finish. 

5. Saves Time: 

Design and construction involves organizing countless tasks that need to be coordinated and 

streamlined to finish the project in a timely manner. Anything our team can do to avoid taking 

steps backward will lead to better, faster, and more cost-effective results. Our design-build 

system is fluid and very responsive in the field of  custom home building. Big decisions can be 

revisited during construction without changed orders or additional fees. Making changes to 

the plan are  thought to mean more money for the homeowner, however with Design+Build 

this is not  the case. 


 In conclusion if you want to have fun, ensure your home reflects your unique personality, 

save time, energy and money in 2019, there is no better way than to choose a qualified, 

creative and energetic Design+Build Team to engineer the home of your dreams. 



Initial Consultation

We  explain our design and build process and answer any questions you have during this initial meeting. This helps establish confidence in our dedicated team. In this meeting,  dreams and plans are explored. We encourage you to bring in pictures, Pinterest ideas, handwritten notes on napkins, and anything that will actualize your custom home. With this information we can help determine a preliminary budget that will help gauge total square footage, over all design and finishes. If you are ready to take the next...



Laptop Writing


Contract to Design

There are three Defining Cost Factors- Design (style of your home) Materials (products used to construct your home), and Construction (the way its built). You choose your design and materials and we apply our building expertise to your home.

Once we have drafted a plan and define the level of finishes we can establish a preliminary budget. 

An agreed Contract To Design is a fee that provides you with our complete design process including,  drafting, engineering, 3D renderings and a complete contract to build bid. 

We have found that our Contract to Design Process  enhances the clients experience by offering:

Transparency: Accurate Up Front Cost

Security: Mitigates Future Surprises

Budget Control: Full Control over your budget

Future Planning: Allows Thorough Prior Planning

Reduces Cost: Greatly Reduces Change Orders 

Build Time: Drastically Reduces Build Time


Full Service Design

In the design phase a final floor plan and overall design is achieved and approved by the client.  Once we complete the conceptual floor plan and design we then send it to a third party  Drafting Firm who creates the structural design (approximately a 6 week long process). Parallel to this time we meet with you to select interior and exterior finishes. Our Designer will accompany you to the various suppliers showrooms. You will have the opportunity to choose cabinets, flooring, and all specific finishes involved. You are not limited to a specific brand or finish.  There are no limits on what we are willing to offer. Just remember you have complete control over the budget. We gather all of your selections and apply this to your total  budget. 


Couple and Architect


Technical and Structural

Once the plans are received back we will review them with you to confirm all details. After your approval,  plans are sent to a third party Engineering Firm. At this stage any changes will be done before the structural engineer stamps it. Any changes after this point will accrue additional costs from the drafting and engineering firm. After the engineering is complete we send out the plans for structural and technical bid. The bidding  process takes approximately 4 weeks.


Finishes Customized For You

At this stage we will confirm you are delighted with the finish selections that have been made. We review the budget and make any necessary changes to cut or increase the overall costs of the build.

Architect hold plans
Insurance Agent


Contract to Build

Once all quotes are gathered and confirmed we finalize the contract. From the time we Contract To Design to Final Contract to Build it is approximately 12 weeks. We encourage all prospective clients to get to Contract to Build a maximum of 3-4 month before the targeted build date starts. By having all this information up front it allows you to finalize your budget and finances. This will alleviate a great deal of STRESS. 



Going up

Construction begins  with site work. Which includes: clearing the lot, bring in fill dirt and prepping the pad. Next the foundation is laid, under slab plumbing, termite treatment, finishing footings and pour concrete. Walls are put up whether it be wood frame or block, trusses set, windows, doors and exterior finishes are completed. Moving into the inside to framing, plumbing, mechanical, electric roughs and insulation. Now is the time to start closing up with drywall and interior finishes; cabinets, flooring, trim, paint etc. Wrapping up all the final details which leads to completion. This is a quick overview of the construction process.


Move In And Enjoy Your New Home

Now that we have completed the build and your vision has come to life. The municipality has released the Certificate of Occupancy. We would like to take the opportunity to thank you for this relationship we have formed and the chance to make it all come to be. We appreciate when you to tell you friends about JH Design+Build, referrals are the best advertising. Google Reviews and Social Medial "shout outs" mean more to us than you can imagine. Sharing your experience is a blessing to our JH Design+Build Team
Here are your keys enjoy your home for many years to come!



At this time, we gather all the additional information needed: Florida product approval codes, HVAC engineering, application, surveys, site plans and all other information needed. Gathering information and getting it ready for permitting is a 2-3 week process.


Now we can submit all paperwork for permitting. This is approximately a 4-6 week process before permits are issued. In this time the municipality can request changes or additional information which can result in a time delay. Once permits are approved and in hand we are approximately 2 weeks to break ground.

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