Marion county custom home design is no longer limited to 2 dimensional drawings. Our team can now render your custom home design in 3D so that you can visualize what it will look like, both inside and out. Custom colors and finishes can be experienced so that you can choose what you want before we start construction.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of using 3D rendering in home design is that it allows clients to follow the design process in an easy-to-visualize manner, so they can understand exactly how

JH DESIGN+BUILD intends to translate their dream home from the blueprint to reality. 3D renderings illustrate depth, dimension, and scale far more effectively than static sketches. 3D renderings are also very useful in planning interior design, down to the placement of furniture, lighting fixtures, and appliances.

They are also helpful in determining interior design issues, like lack of space or unappealing floor plans, before construction commences.

Additionally, it is much simpler to rectify flaws and update clients with new designs using 3D rendering software. We can also make adjustments to the rendering so the client can see how the fixes will affect the look and feel of the final result in real life. Letting our team create 3D renderings for you is flat out fun. 


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